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Terrazzo Raised Floor

Exquisite Architectural Finishes

MP is a unique custom finish that is formulated with a metallic pigment that will result in minimal color and emotion variation depending on lighting conditions and angle of viewing.

All the beauty, durability, and customization of terrazzo on grade is now available in All Access terrazzo raised flooring.  Let us apply your design, or help you create one, to your raised access floor!


30 September 2015

All Access teamed up with VSR in a booth at the G2E convention in Las Vegas, NV.

SF brings with it all the durability and color of epoxy terrazzo with a natural sand finish that is designed to mimic many of Earth's natural landscapes.

What we do - Simple: we take your imagination, blend it with our craftsmen’s experience, add a bit of automation and create architecturally finished raised floor panels that will knock your socks off!


Created and manufactured 

in Las Vegas, NV


All Access is capable of producing any logo on both MP, SF and TZ panels.  We can produce these on single panels or spanning multiple panels in an area as large as you want.



10 August 2015

Artego RTS is born! Product development is underway.

01 June 2015

Headquarters moved to

5055 W. Patrick Lane, Suite 101

Las Vegas, NV 89118

All Access Manufacturing

  • Design Assist - concept to completion
  • Virtually limitless design opportunities
  • Maintain all the benefits of access flooring
  • Samples available upon request
  • Incorporate graphics and logos to make access floors uniquely yours

All Access News

RTS is currently in development.  It is designed to be tough and durable and will come in a variety of color options!

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