ARTEGO®MP has many of the high build properties and durability of epoxy but is much more flexible, scratch resistant and will not yellow when exposed to sunlight.

It also provides excellent abrasion resistance making it an ideal coating for high traffic areas in commercial buildings, hospitality, health care, education facilities and casinos.


One of the leading features of ARTEGO®MP is that it is formulated with a metallic pigment that will result in minimal to moderate color and emotion variation (as determined by your design intent) depending on lighting conditions and angle of viewing. This is an inherent design feature of the product that makes it unique in the architectural finished raised floor market.

If you will, each panel is a “brush stroke” that melds together in a fashion that creates a beautifully finished canvas. 

If you can dream it up, we can make it. You own your design and we can even have your signature embedded in the floor panel.

Another feature is that it is one of a very few finishes that allows designers to design the floor and run the same finish up onto flat vertical surfaces using our large format backer.

Benefits of ARTEGO®MP

    - High film build – 25 mils

    - UV stable - never yellows
    - High solids – VOC compliant
    - Coating can handle temperatures up to 350 degrees
    - Crystal clear top coat sealer
    - High abrasion resistance - higher than epoxy or urethane
    - Matte or high gloss finish
    - Patina or mottled look
    - Unlimited color choices
    - Raised floor and vertical application

    - Resists most stains and acids 

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