All Access Manufacturing

Terrazzo Raised Floor

Exquisite Architectural Finishes


All Access takes all of the features of on grade terrazzo and incorporates them into beautiful terrazzo raised floor.


Aggregates suspended in an epoxy binder may include any single or combination of:

     Chunk recycled colored or clear glass
     Mirror and plate glass
     Mother of Pearl or other shells
     Recycled Plastic


Artego®TZ terrazzo raised floors will typically last the lifetime of the building with minimal maintenance. Sometimes styled as the “100 year floor” terrazzo has the unique ability to provide the highest return on investment with timeless beauty. Our Operations and Maintenance Guide provides you with the steps to ensure that your new floor will look and perform like it is always Day 1.

It walks rock solid and with a 4,500 PSI it will hold up to the most demanding of loads.


ARTEGO®TZ can contribute to LEED depending on the degree that recycled aggregates are used. Typically 30% of the composition of the mixture is epoxy. Epoxy matrix floor systems contain zero VOC materials. The remaining aggregate mix can contain up to 100% recycled materials.

Most of the aggregate that we use is “waste” from natural substances such as result from off cuts in manufacturing processes. We even use surplus sand from the construction industry that would normally end up in a landfill.

Post-consumer and post-industrial glass and mirror finds a new home in our product and gives it that “bling” that can bring a floor to life.

“TZ” is non-porous and easily cleanable so it does not support microbial growth. As moisture does not penetrate the surface a mold free environment is maintained and air quality is improved.

There are few raised flooring finishes that can match the performance and aesthetics of ARTEGO®TZ.

We welcome the opportunity to create something unique, just for you!