All Access is a manufacturing company founded and based in Las Vegas, NV specializing in the production of beautiful terrazzo raised floor and other exquisite architectural finishes.

All Access employees have a tremendous amount of experience in providing specialty finishes on grade for the past 35 years. We have brought our creative and technical know-how from the construction business to the pre-engineered and manufactured building component business.

True high performance buildings utilize raised floors to achieve maximum flexibility of interiors and enhance productivity. Unfortunately aesthetics are often compromised.

Architects and designers no longer have to “cover up” plain grey raised floor panels. You now have the ability to create architectural finishes to complement your vision without compromising flexibility.

All Access Manufacturing

Terrazzo Raised Floor

Exquisite Architectural Finishes

About - All Access Manufacturing ARTEGO® Raised Floor Finishes

We offer the following finishes for 24” x 24” raised floor panels

ARTEGO®TZ – Handcrafted epoxy terrazzo using a vast array of aggregates

ARTEGO®SF – Sand/river pebbles incorporated into the epoxy binder

ARTEGO®MP – A highly durable sprayed applied finish that enables the A&D community unlimited ability to express color as a brush stroke on a flooring canvas

ARTEGO®LOGOS – All of the above finishes can be used to create logos and corporate identification programs in high visibility spaces

ARTEGO®RTS – Coming in 2016 – an ultra-durable “textured” finish for high traffic and outdoor areas where extra traction is required.